The core of the Binary Analysis Tool is freely available to everyone under the Apache license. This means you can use, study, share and improve it without cost and with minimal restrictions. Other extra packages have been released under the GPLv2 license and as public domain software.

Technical requirements

A recent Linux distribution (we tested on Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 15.04) is much recommended. Note for Ubuntu users: any release older than Ubuntu 14.04 is unsupported. Apart from the bat package you will also need to install the bat-extratools package.

When not using the binary packages you should consult the build files in the source code for a complete list of dependencies. For Debian/Ubuntu these can be found in debian/control. For Fedora they can be found in setup.cfg.

Get the tool

It is recommended to roll your own packages from the releases at GitHub.

Need help? Check the documentation.